Duties and responsibilities include

Product configuration  

·  To grant the vehicle order availability through the technical product specification defined in the product grid and according to commercial requirements defined in the prize list ;

·  To manage order availability opening/closing according to commercial requirements (launch, phase out, new versions, etc.) and production ones (capacity constraints and order to deliver parts lead time);

·  To verify orders coherence with product configuration.  

Order management  

·  Following PO (Operative Planning) indication and constraints (grid, models, launch/phase out, orders portfolio) to allocate the orders to grant the invoices and the retails required by commercial department in order to satisfy sales planning tasks;

·  To manage orders allocations to the plants and manage the order changes;

·  To manage orders in line with production programmes, having a crucial role in ensuring proper and constant production levels, mediating between commercial and production needs; 

·  To consolidate the weekly production plan in order to satisfy transport PO taking into account the  distribution constraints per transportation mode.

·  To manage special vehicles preparations (“allestimenti speciali”) in coherence with commercial need and industrial feasibility.

•             To manage swaps;

•             To manage the orders for press and  show rooms in coherence with commercial events and quality procedures;  

Stock management

•             To plan and manage stocks levels and KPI cooperating with commercial department;

•             To analyze and to manage virtual and physical stock in order to keep it at optimum/minimum level; minimizing the stock level and the waiting time of produced vehicles in stock before selling them, at the same time answering the unforeseen demand quickly and minimizing financial losses.    

Requirements and desired skills

·         3-5 years extensive forecasting and planning and logistics knowledge in the automotive sector;

·         A minimum qualification of HBO (Bachelor) in Logistics, Commerce or Business;

·         Fluent in Dutch and English; French is an asset

·         Market knowledge and understanding;

·         Forecasting and automotive sales planning methodology and practices are an advantage;

·         Computer literacy with comprehensive knowledge of MS Excel and Powerpoint;

·         Strong numerate abilities, analytical skills and attention to detail;

·         Good planning and organizing skills;

·         Target driven / focused;

·         Self-starter who is flexible;

·         Ability to learn and to work under pressure;

·         Good communication- and listening skills;

·         Sense of initiative.      

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