The company’s products (stepless and automatic shifting solutions) are a component product used in bikes and eBikes. We are an ingredient brand and primarily sell to bike manufacturers (OEMs) and bike sharing program operators (push strategy); not to bike dealers or consumers. The majority of bikes and eBikes are sold through specialty bike dealers. Dealers are in the best position to recommend our company products, making our service, customer experience and education great is crucial to positively influence the (e)Bike dealers.   Delivering an outstanding customer experience is something that should be in the DNA of the B2B Development & Customer Experience Specialist. The B2B Development & Customer Experience Specialist plays a crucial role in realizing that ambition.  


This position reports to the Marketing Manager and serves as a member of the Marketing team in Brand Experience (BX) department.   Internally the primary working relationship is with your colleagues in the Marketing & Customer Experience teams. Beyond those teams, this role will collaborate closely with the Operations and Business Development teams.   Externally you are the face of  the company and the main contact point for all The company customers e.g. OEMs, Bike Share customer and Dealers. All external customer communication is routed via the Customer Experience team.    

JOB SUMMARY   In line with the overall corporate strategy; execute and run the General Dealer Program (in-field retailer education, activation, promotional activities) in the ‘off’ season. Be a key member of the Customer Experience team and support where possible the OEM Education Program during the ‘peak’ season.    


1.        General Dealer Development

-          Influence and activate general dealers through professional product and sales education, in form of group training events and webinars.    

2.        Customer Experience Support            

-          Provide 1st level phone, email and online support in all support categories in the 6 key support categories of CX: Sales, Order, Warranty, Technical, Finance & Marketing    

3.        OEM Education & Support

-          Represent the company, its products, brand as well as marketing and service offerings to dealers in cooperation with the OEM’s during OEM shows and events.

-                     Sales and technical presentation / training towards OEM sales teams, to educate them on the products, show them how to sell and motivate them to sell more.        


-         Passionate about educating people and customer experience.

-         Absolute desire to aim for the highest customer satisfaction.

-         Proven experience in presenting at and running training events

-         Build strategic relationships with customers to gain trust and create loyalty.

-         Willingness to learn new skills within The company.

-         Minimum 2 years of relevant marketing or service experience.

-         Ability to minimally speak 2 of the following languages: German, Dutch, English.

-         Be able to occasionally work outside of regular office hours and during weekends

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